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My "Official" Bio

Susie Miller is a Communication & Relationship Expert, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reduce stress, improve communication, and increase productivity and profits. As an author, speaker, and catalyst for growth, Susie consults and trains on people skills, resilience, and leadership to help high achievers win at work and succeed in life.

Susie writes for The Huffington Post, and has been featured in major news outlets including Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, NPR and more. She is the bestselling author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less! which offers practical advice & actionable steps to quickly improve your personal and professional relationships!

As a speaker, trainer, and an engaging emcee, Susie uses humor and storytelling to motivate and inspire audiences. Susie is a cancer survivor; her story includes overcoming numerous life challenges, but she’s known for her outlook on life as a “possibilitarian”. Susie has been married for 33 years, has 3 adult children, and lives in the DC area.

Okay, now that the official stuff is over... here is how I would answer: "Tell me about yourself."

I am a sojourner...a work in progress, growing, embracing grace & imperfection. I love equipping people to create success and happiness through powerful and fulfilling relationships in business, life, and love.

Training, speaking, engaging with others are in my blood. I am an old soul...having overcome many challenges in life that would derail most positive people.

I am a thinker...reader...writer...speaker. I believe in living artfully... I am convinced - winning at work and succeeding in life is All about Relationships. And that is what I’m here to help you with!

Susie & John (with Bella)

I've been married to my best friend, John for 37 years, we are still in love, and we like each other too! 

I am humbled by the mystery that is marriage.  Honestly... some of the years were really hard!

I love to...live out loud, think out loud, laugh out loud...

Our family does loud, messy, honesty, struggle & grace...lots of grace.

I'm a big fan of fun...learning...laughter.

And I need...solitude,  coffee, dark chocolate, good books and films, lingering conversations, and kindred spirits. (And great shoes!)

I believe life is meant to be embraced and enjoyed, even in the midst of hard... And I have done a lot of hard!

I am awed by...children's innocence and trusting eyes, resilience of the human soul, integrity, sacrifice, and the power of relationships. 

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